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Leader in Thought?

My open letter to Malcolm Gladwell, author, after he made my day:

Hello Malcolm!

Perhaps the best tweet that I’ve ever read was a friend’s prompt to log-on to The New Yorker Live Chat today. How convenient that we “used social media to discuss the shortcomings of social media, and yet we connected all the while” (Ortizzle). I suppose that I could have written a letter. Thank you for entertaining my question. Thanks even more for your response. 

Oh, by the way, my definition of Social Media: Collective Play.

Be well,
Andia Winslow


Fitness Questions and Answers

Keep the questions and inquiries coming!


When is the best time to work out? Julison, Atlanta, GA


When you will! When are you most likely, physically AND mentally, to work out properly? Your answer to my question is my answer to yours. I personally enjoy early morning workouts as they set the tone for my productive day to follow. I also find that I have more energy in the mornings and am more amped! And that’s how it’s done! And that’s how it’s done!

How much weight should I lose weekly when trying to get in shape? L., Scottsdale

Don’t just measure fitness progress by weight loss alone. This is a dangerous habit. When one adds resistance training to an exercise regime, one’s musculature will change – often times becoming “heavier.” Measure your progress comprehensively. How do you feel?

Is it important to stretch before working out? Carey B., Seattle

Yes! Stretching helps to prevent injury and facilitates a better workout. However, make certain that you do brief cardio or a “warm-up” PRIOR to stretching. That means a minimum of 8 minutes walking, jogging, jumprope, skipping, cycle, swim, etc. Cardio helps circulate oxygen to the muscles. Oxygenated muscles are most receptive! And that’s how it’s done!

Just a Thought

Isn’t it exciting? The thought that, by the end of today, anything can happen. Here’s to possibility! That is all.

The last day of summer 2010 in the Northern Hemisphere coincides with a full moon.

‎”Super” Harvest Moon. Last day of Summer. First day of Fall. Full Moon. Jupiter. One Night: 360 Degree Twilight.

LPGA Charity Golf Classic

Today’s Lunch Menu: Conversations with LPGA Founders Marilynn Smith and Shirley Spork, discovery of new iPhone application via Hall of Fame Legend (#9) Carol Mann, catching up with my inspirations Renee Powell and Barbara Douglas. A tremendous thanks to two time LPGA Tour champion and Top 50 Master Instructor Penny Pulz! Here’s to “herstory” and the LPGA Foundation:

FOREarms for Golfers

Thank you to those of you who submitted fitness video ideas! I was so excited by your responses that I’ve decided to address my favorite 5. The first featured inspiration, “FOREarms for Golfers,” comes to me by way of David Elaimy of who always encouraged me to attend to my forearm strength. Stronger forearms allow for more control and finesse in one’s golf game. Enjoy and stay tuned!

Make Labor Day a Pool Day!

Yes, it’s the symbolic end of summer: Labor Day – September 6th.

Let’s make it a pool day! “Low Impact” Pool Workouts are great for everyone, especially pregnant women and those with knee, hip and low back concerns. Use the pool for cardio, resistance and stretching routines. And that’s how it’s done! Swimmingly yours, Andia