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Move of the Week: BRIDGE

December 10, 2012 | #TheFitCycle Studio | New York, NY

This week’s #TheFitCycle Move of the Week  is dedicated to Olympic Champion Gabby Douglas who I saw briefly in New York over the weekend.

Muscles (major) worked: Glutes, Core: Abs, Lower Back

Considerations: Except for advanced practitioners, it’s best to begin in supine* position on a flat and firm surface with knees bent and feet shoulder width apart.  *Supine – on back, face up

Progression in bridge variations will come as technique and flexibility is improved upon. No need to rush or get bent out of shape trying to attempt contortionist level flexibility. Yes, I went there.

Core and glutes engaged to assist in posture maintenance.

Equipment needed: None! Oh, well, besides a flexible attitude.

Variations: Modified in reverse table top –supine– position with arms fully extended, shoulders over wrists. Or, try simply bridging bottom off of ground, hips towards sky while shoulders remain grounded; try pulsing with isometric holds at the top of the move. Moving bridges can be performed by walking forward, backward or laterally as a crab might.

Location: Bridge to somewhere. Bridge over troubled waters. Bridge worlds and ideas!

Challenge: Try a modified bridge, grow into full and do send photos! Shout outs on #TheFitCycle Facebook page and future videos! Send to for inclusion.

Get it in where you can fit it in! –Andia


Move of the Week: RENEGADES

November 26, 2012 | #TheFitCycle Studio | New York, NY

It looks like we’re on a roll —->skate! Or push up. Whichever you prefer, though I’m partial to the latter this week for what it’s worth. Pleased to again present #TheFitCycle Move of the Week and this time with a little attitude, you Renegades you!

ren·e·gade noun \ˈre-ni-ˌgād\  an individual who rejects 
conventional behavior

Now, just to clarify, traditional renegade push ups involve “rowing” (read: pulling) a dumbbell on each alternating push up-stroke and returning to the Push Up base. For our purposes though, simply alternate “stepping” up with each hand as though “climbing” a stairway to nowhere. RIGHT hand step up, LEFT hand step up, RIGHT hand step down, LEFT hand step down, push up, REPEAT circuit. Or, to make things more intriguing, try this combination:

Push Up base – R up – Push up – L up – R down – Push up – L down – Push up *This variation produces height staggered Push Ups

Muscles (major groups) worked: Pecs, Shoulders, Deltoids, Triceps, Core

Considerations: Maintain proper Push Up form with straight body line from crown of head to bottom of feet, hips engaged. No sky-high butt, people!

Full expression of Push Up at top and bottom of move. Top: arms fully extended. Bottom: Nose towards floor by lowering body not by simply dipping head.

To take pressure off of wrists be certain to displace some weight into fingertips

Breathing: Inhale downwards, exhale upwards. Load, unload!

Core engaged to assist in posture maintenance

Rhythm controlled, speed increased for difficulty

Equipment needed: None, aside from the “step” or ledge on which to work

Variations: Modified on Knees, Step Height, Step Stability, Hand Placement Width (ie narrow to work triceps), Tempo, Isometric Hold at top and bottom of move, Hand Order (left-right, right-left, or cycle), inclusion of Push Up at bottom of move, Push Up at staggered hand position, Depth of Push Up

Location: Steps or sturdy box secured against a wall. Other ideas: bath tub ledge, truck tire, low rung of playground ladder, foot rest or even a bench if you’re feeling extra strong, adventurous and in control!

Challenge: Try a different variation every day of this week and post a photo of your favorite, especially if it involves an odd location. Shout outs on #TheFitCycle Facebook page and future videos! Send to for inclusion.

Get it in where you can fit it in! –Andia

Move of the Week: Knee Drives

November 19, 2012 | #TheFitCycle Studio | New York, New York

Back again with the second installment of #TheFitCycle Move of the Week! This week’s special guest -great for high intensity interval training- Knee Drives.

Muscles* (major) worked: Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Hip Flexors                    *Move is great for speed development and drive phase coordination in sprinting

Considerations: Knee Drive towards chest, returning to floor with dorsiflexed foot –alternating legs throughout movement

Straight body line from crown of head to bottom of feet, hips engaged

Arms firm, elbows neither locked nor excessively bent

Core engaged to assist in posture maintenance

Rhythm controlled, speed increased for difficulty

Dorsiflexion: upward movement of the foot at the ankle joint. Allows for application of force, against ground, in this instance

Equipment needed: None! Proper footwear is suggested to ensure efficient dorsiflexed footfall and aggressive drive off of ground

Variations: Tempo, Knee Height, Isometric Hold at top of move, Angle of Approach and more!

Location: Wall or any other sturdy vertical element so that your hands will be positioned flush against the surface

Challenge: Try a different variation every day of this week and post a photo of your favorite, especially if it involves everyday attire or location. Shout outs on #TheFitCycle Facebook page and future videos! Send to for inclusion.

Get it in where you can fit it in! –Andia

Move of the Week: LUNGE

November 12, 2012 | #TheFitCycle Studio | New York, New York

Introducing #TheFitCycle Move of the Week! This week’s special guest, and a personal favorite, the standard lunge.

Muscles (major) worked: Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes

Considerations: 90, 90, 90 – degree angles that is. Top of foot to shin. Hamstring to calf. Hip Flexor of forward leg to trunk.

Back in neutral position, not bowed or arched, and core engaged

Tempo smooth and controlled to maintain balance

Equipment needed: None! Unless you so choose: dumbbells, weight plates, Kettle Bells, medicine balls, bands, weight sticks, etc. OR, odd objects that you find around the home, office, garage —laundry basket maybe?

Variations: Static, Walking, Lateral, Tempo Based, Sliding, Backwards, Overhead, Twisting, Plyometric and more!

Location: Anywhere, everywhere and always!

Challenge: Try a different variation every day of this week and post a photo of your favorite, especially if it involves an everyday object or location. Shout outs on #TheFitCycle Facebook page and future videos! Send to for inclusion.

Get it in where you can fit it in! –Andia,

Moving at the rhythm of life.

October 2012 |  My Desk. | New York, New York

The Fit Cycle, moving at the rhythm of life!™

Querido Spanish Harlem,

You keep me up at night. I mean, you really keep me up at night. Why is the dog barking? Why is la música blaring? Take your lovers’ quarrel inside! Put those kids to bed! But then, if I don’t fight it, I count the beats instead of sheep and you comfort me. Your heartbeat becomes my own and soothes me into deep sleep.

Morning. No alarm. You jostle me awake, rudely at times, and I cut my eyes at you. But it’s only fleeting because I feel lucky to wake up to you. You inspire me. Your legacy, your sabor, your passion – en fuego! Your energy is palpable and I covet it on days when I’m away too long. You coo at me on the street and welcome me home. “¡Oye mami!” Yes, I see you, you have a blessed day too!

You dance and parade with me, share your wares with me, feed me and it tastes so good. We’ve broken bread together and you’ve watched my back. Now it’s my turn. The Fit Cycle is for you El Barrio, all of you. A movie and a movement. I’ve made my declaration, this is my dedication.

You know where to find me,

Labor [of love] Day.

9.3.12 ADUB365 FIT Studio | New York, New York

Hello September! 2012’s Summer edition may have been the most comprehensively fulfilling of adulthood. How about that. Big thanks are due to my new city and the personalities that live within. The good, the bad. Thank you universe. And thank you too to the ever-inspiring Chivon John (isn’t hers a cool name?) for the interview and feature just in time for Fall! Read it here.

P.S. I love Canada. Chivon is from Canada. Even though they sometimes pronounce my name with the “Canadian ‘A'” –love regardless!

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

Walmart Weekend of Giving

GPMAD to Partner with Walmart and Children’s Miracle Network for 2012 Weekend of Giving: Non-profit organization’s inaugural event comes at the height of Summer and reorganization

NEW YORK, NY (June 25, 2012) – Today Golf Professionals Making a Difference (GPMAD) announced that it will partner with Walmart, Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), Divisions Maintenance Group and Xempt Players Series for the Weekend of Giving held July 7-9th in the Greater Detroit, Michigan area. The weekend –which features plenary sessions for corporate and community based attendees, a Women in Leadership summit and Pro-Am Celebrity Golf Tournament– marks GPMAD’s inaugural effort since reorganizing in January.

Summer is an incredible time for organizational growth, branding and community impact as school children enjoy break, families come together for festivities and golf season is in full swing. By design, the partnership recognizes major national engagement efforts to address employment, diversity, health and wellness, education and community development. Although select Weekend of Giving events are invite- only, two are open for public registration:

Xempt Players Series / CMN Celebrity Golf Pro-Am | Monday, July 9, Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament | Two Divisions: Amateur and Professional Purse 1 Day, 36 Hole Event For more info, and to register, visit:

Walmart Women in Leadership Series, Diversity and Inclusion | Sunday, July 8, 2012 4:00pm Guest Speaker: Andia Winslow | Complimentary Admission | Benefitting Children’s Miracle Network RSVP:

Executive Director Andia Winslow calls the weekend “an amazing opportunity to introduce the Detroit community, and the entire nation, to the mission of Golf Professionals Making a Difference.” Winslow recently took the helm in addition to careers as a Professional Golfer and Certified Fitness and Wellness Professional. “I’m excited to help bridge the worlds of philanthropy and sport using the game and business of golf as a vehicle for sustainable community change. What a way to say ‘Hello” to the world with the help of Walmart, the largest retailer in the world!”


About Golf Professionals Making a Difference                                                  Founded in 2002, GPMAD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to constructively impacting lives by creating educational, economic, mentorship, health, wellness and self-improvement opportunities through business and the game of golf. To learn more, visit:

For press inquiries and event information, please contact:
Publicity, Golf Professionals Making a Difference                     | 614. 468.3467


6.20.12 ADUB365 FIT Studio | New York, New York

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 marks the 40th Anniversary of Title IX, the groundbreaking legislation that prohibited discrimination based on gender in federally funded educational programming. It’s most popular manifestation has come in the form of sports equity for women and girls. In honor of this anniversary, which has notably affected my life, I’m hosting a contest!

Tell me, in writing, how Title IX has positively affected your life and you will have the chance to win a 1-hour private lesson with me at The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers. Post your message here: The winner will be announced on Saturday, June 23rd. Best of luck!

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

Empowering Entrepreneurs

6.18.12 ADUB365 FIT Studio | New York, New York

Thank you to my former Yale University classmate, and friend, Dexter Upshaw for having me as a guest on his radio show Empowering Entrepreneurs. We talk future, past and social media brand building. Enjoy!

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

Let’s be Frank.

5.24.12 ADUB365 FIT Studio | New York, New York

Thank you to my friend, and “ABS Husband,” Frank Jones for this recent interview. Frank is a fitness personality, model and up-and-coming actor. Check out the full transcript here.

Ladies, this is Frank.

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

Spring Forward!

3.17.12 ADUB365 FIT Studio | New York, New York

Newest expert feature by SHAPE Magazine! Check it out in full by visiting:


Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

Weight for it….

The initial weigh-in

2.27.12 Olympic Training Center | Lake Placid Sliding Complex

Yes, I’m fit. Toned. In-shape. I’m strong for my build. But I’m a natural ectomorph. What does this mean? I have a slight frame, long and thin limbs, delicate joints and a very, very fast metabolism. Why is this a concern? The coaches at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) wanted me to gain a significant amount of weight in order to be stronger and more effective down the ice. I was told that I needed to be heavier, 20-30 lbs  heavier. That’s about 9-14 kgs for those of you of the metric persuasion. Fact: ectomorphs struggle to gain weight. Yes, now I’m certain that you understand my dilemma.

Initial Weigh-In September 8, 2011: 123 lbs / 55.9 kgs

Initial Measurements: Height 5’8” | Hips 35” | Thigh 19″

Commence operation Olympic Weight Gain. High, yet healthy, caloric intake. We’re talking soprano heights here. I feast all day. Thanks to the professional advisement of a sports physiology and strength and conditioning team, my workouts have been designed to be shorter and more intense, focusing on big muscle groups. Development of anaerobic systems necessitates that running is always at lengths shorter than 30m, and always at a sprint. Oh, and I eat –a lot. I may have mentioned that already, but it bears repeating. It is my constant. The quantitative increase, to date: 5.5 months, 13 lbs, 2.5″ around my hips (read: I have a new butt) and 1″ around each thigh.

Latest Weigh-In February 20, 2012: 136 lbs / 61.8 kgs

Latest Measurements: Height 5’8” | Hips 37.5” | Thigh 20″

Beyond never having been heavier in my life, what about the qualitative change? Family and friends who haven’t seen me in months take double takes. Make that triple takes. My legs feel very heavy. Early on in my body composition change I was a bit clumsy, on a couple of occasions falling seemingly without cause while jogging. I have noticeable, make that distinct,  traps. My pants don’t fit.  OK, not only do my pants not fit –they split. I have already ruined two of my favorite pairs of jeans. But that is to be celebrated apparently. In fact, at the OTC, we had a “coming out” party of sorts for my new butt! Or as cyclist and author Kathryn Bertine would call it, my “wattage cottage.”

Hold on, hold on! The above are just statements of fact. I’m not complaining nor am I upset. I have never been stronger and I love my new addition! Here’s to cafeterias that open early and close late, roommates that provide clothing opinion, back squats, front squats, split squats and good speakers in the weight room. Here’s to my  body for changing on command. We’re in this together.

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

Considering home

1.07.12 Olympic Training Center | Lake Placid Sliding Complex

2011. What a year! Perhaps my best as an adult. I mean to say that that which just passed was the most balanced 365 consecutive day collection of experiences in my personal record. Triumphs and trials, yes. But authentic and unexpected and invigorating and synergic and exploratory. I found home.

It’s unlimited by time and space. It’s internal and evolved. It’s fluid and in motion. It’s demanding and rewarding. It is, quite simply, amazing.

I’ve lived and called these places ‘home’:

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But it is in the experiences that I’ve shared, the support that I’ve been gifted, the people that I’ve met, the friendships that I’ve developed and my family whom I love that I know to be my true home. Omnipresent and eternal.

I am thankful to all those who read this and all those who know, home.

Special thanks to those who have helped me to welcome 2012 and new adventure: The Winslow Family, The Naftel Family, Black Ice Concept, Agility GuardDr. Jill DeBiasi, Kris Bugg and Chris OrtizJoin The Team!

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” --Cicero

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

Don’t Sell Me Bro!

Just before my relocation to the Olympic Training Center, I joined Chris Conrey and David Cooke at Gangplank in Phoenix, Arizona for their Sales and Leadership based podcast “Don’t Sell Me Bro.” We talk goal setting, business metrics, sport and chocolate cake. Something for everyone! I even got credit for coining the term business disuse atrophy. Chris writes about it in his blog, check it out! Hear the full interview HERE and be sure to read about Dave’s inspirational movement 100 Pedals!

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

Butts about it.

12.19.11 Olympic Training Center | Lake Placid Sliding Complex

One thing is clear to me. Athletes at the U.S. Olympic Training Centers can back it up. And push it forward. And lift it high. And drop it low.

Why all the fuss? Speed. Power. Driving Force.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos –and behinds– are property of their respective owners. High, low and in between. Are you inspired? I knew you’d be.

You too can make your butt talk. Here’s how:

For those of you who may not know, I pose Daily Challenges via my fitness company ADUB365 FIT. Mind, Body and Spirit! You can follow real time updates on Twitter and Facebook. Today’s challenge: High Tail It!

You get it, right? I knew you would. Pop, Lock and Drop It. Hey, hey now! Watch yourself. That’s Olympic weightlifting terminology, buddy.

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

PS For the ladies. Månner in Strumpfhosen. German: Men in Tights. Just because. You’re Welcome.

Shout out to Margaret Whitener for the translation!

We must protect this mouth! AgilityGuard

12.15.11 Olympic Training Center | Lake Placid Sliding Complex

We must protect this mouth!

(UA chant voice here; replace house with mouth of course)

This is mine:

Straight bright whites, I know. As do my parents. They paid a lot of money to straighten and beautify this mouth of mine. That is why I dedicate this blog post to the wonderful and knowledgeable team at AgilityGuard. Thank you Doc Joe and Kris for your support! Controlled environment or not, racing headfirst down an ice track at  80 mph is still racing headfirst down an ice track at 80 mph. Agreed?

Now, this is not simply about blunt force trauma and concussion protection. What makes AgilityGuard custom mouth guard technology –upper and lower– so unique is that the guards protect teeth while simultaneously enhancing performance, neurologically. Translation: Speed, Balance, Agility, Power. How is that possible? I’ll let the experts explain:

I’m in Lake Placid now under snow cover and have used my upper custom guard on the ice and lower custom in the weight room and indoor track. On Holiday in Florida and Arizona, I’ll be playing golf with my lower guard in place. You might know this guy who does the same:

I should mention that before using AgilityGuard, I did use another mouth guard. There were a few problems. Even with the self-boil fit system, it did not fit. I felt as though I was going to choke, I couldn’t breathe, it was ugly, and upon removal I got slobber on any and everyone within five feet. Fast forward with my new and sleek looking guards.

I’ve already noticed that I’m much more forceful and quick when Olympic Lifting and all the more flexible. Flexibility is a major concern for me as I’m undergoing an extreme body composition transformation. I’ve already put on  10lbs but I’m glad to report that I’m still as -if not more- flexible with my lower guard secured.

Wait, one more thing. I must give a shout out to my fabulous New York City Dentist. I love seeing talented, intelligent and professional women in charge. So here’s to Dr. Jill DeBiasi and her entire DT Smile Design practice for making my fitting possible. Visit her on the web and when you make an appointment, tell her that I sent you!

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

Plank You Very Much!

I was surprised by a special delivery to the Training Center today! Thank you to Heart & Soul Magazine for the 4 page November Body Clinic feature of my plank fitness routine Plank You Very Much! Stay tuned to ADUB365 FIT for more fitness videos and fun! And that’s how it’s done! I’m on TWITTER!

PS Thank you to amazing Photographer and Make-Up Artist Christina Caldwell for her work on this shoot. She is an amazing, consummate and creative professional! Gangplank is one of my favorite places in Phoenix and made this shoot possible. Collaboration at its finest #whyGP! Thank you too: Hair Stylist Merlynn Pierre, Brand Consultant Anthony McDonald and title inspiration L. Marie Johnson

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Girlfriends Talk Sports!

Yesterday I had a fun morning on set with KFrye and Girlfriends Talk Sports! (You may know “KFrye” as Karen Frye, the dynamic mother of NBA and Phoenix Suns star Channing Frye). These ladies, and the entire GTS team, have amazing infectious energy and I was happy to be in their company. I will let  y’all know when my segment airs. In the meantime, check out their show:

KFrye, ADUB and Adrian Williams-Strong (former WNBA star ADUB)

Abdominal Potpourri

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to Ashley LaRae and the team for the cool feature! Check out her site for “all things fashion, music, athletes, celeb news, arts and shopping.”