I live in the blazing desert heat of Arizona but I’ll relocate to the frigid Winters of Lake Placid, New York.

I walk fairways professionally and now I’ll push sleds as an amateur.

My favorite feature is my brain and downhill I’ll lead with it as a Skeletor on ice.

“How out-of-the-box and crazy is that!” they say.

I’m a Team USA Olympic Hopeful. This is my story. I was never in the box.

Andia Winslow

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6 responses to “Home

  1. Ron Strauther, Jr

    I appreciate and applaud your successes in the activity of your choice, but my interest as a player/viewer of the sport of golf is to see more of “US” on the major seen having a fuller share in that 65 billion dollar pie. I’ve been playing since 1972 and was encouraged by an unwittingly forward thinking person, but the rest of the industry was not as accommodating. And now my 14 year old daughter (who has the love for the game) still finds it is tough to get support because of the same censure of old which is verified by the lack of presence on the major playing field. Love to see more of you on the tour.

  2. Margaret Whitener

    My 10 yo daughter is a a golfer (she’d golf every day if I let her). She is SO very excited to see golfers, male and female, that look like her. We will be following your adventures…Good luck!!

  3. Detaching from family and heritage is essential to the Hero’s journey.


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