“Isn’t it exciting? The thought that, by the end of today, anything can happen? Here’s to expanding possibility, starting with ourselves!”   –Andia Winslow

Thank you for your interest in my journey as a Team USA 2014 Olympic Hopeful! Monetary and in-kind contributions are vehicles of support of my efforts as they provide critical resources for equipment, training, development and travel as I strive for competitive excellence on the world stage.

MONETARY DONATIONS made in support of athletes of the United States Bobsled & Skeleton Federation (USBSF) are tax-deductible via the Utah Skeleton and Bobsled Association (USBA) Olympic Athlete Training Fund 501c(3): Tax ID No. 87-0628120. In order for these donations to be tax-deductible, checks must be addressed to the Utah Skeleton and Bobsled Association and must not contain my name anywhere on the check.

Instead, please include a letter that dictates that the entire donation be directed to Andia Winslow. If my name is present anywhere on the actual check, the donation will no longer be considered a tax-deduction. Please email to inform me of your donation so that I may thank you formally. Tax-deductible donations may be mailed to:

Mr. Scott W. Hansen, Esq.
c/o Utah Skeleton and Bobsled Association
P.O. Box 581131
Salt Lake City, UT  84158

SPONSORSHIP and ENDORSEMENT alliances are another exciting way for global brand exposure and direct involvement in the Olympic journey. As a sponsor or partner, individuals and corporations alike will be aligned with an elite athlete and personality. Additional opportunities include:

  • Branding [Logos on Clothing/Equipment]
  • Endorsement of Product(s)/ Service(s) [Multi-media]
  • Name/Logo and Direct Link on Website
  • Professional Appearances at Donor Functions [Annual Meetings, Trade Shows, Fashion Shows, Conferences/Colloquiums, Fundraisers, Celebrations/Festivals, Galas, Golf Outings]
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Clinics and Exhibitions
  • Training, Travel and Competition Updates

For more information about how you can join the Team, please email Kindly direct written correspondence to:

Andia Winslow, Athlete
U.S. Olympic Training Center
196 Old Military Road
Lake Placid, NY  12946


2 responses to “JOIN THE TEAM

  1. The Colorado Burnley Family

    Another adventure – how wonderful, that is what life is about, new challenges ahead for you… Sweet!


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