What is this all about? What is Skeleton?

SKELETON is a Winter Olympic racing sport that involves plummeting head-first down a steep and treacherous ice track on a tiny sled. It is considered the world’s first sliding sport.

Who are you? What is your sports background?

I come to the USA Bobsled & Skeleton Federation from a sport that most would not suspect —Golf. As a professional golfer who has competed internationally, I broke  collegiate barriers, as I became the first African American woman to compete in the Ivy League and in 2006 only the fourth African American to ever compete on the LPGA Tour. Although I’m known as a versatile and pure athlete who has competed in more than seven sports and in recent years tapped to train with USA Track & Field by Jesse Owens Coach of the Year Brooks Johnson, I was first introduced to the sport of Skeleton in 2007 by former World Champion and Olympian Noelle Pikus-Pace. Hailing from a family of professional athletes and educators, I hope to continue and expand on this legacy as I train and prepare for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia and beyond.

Air Time w/ Andia and Noelle at WNBA All-Star Game

In the meantime, as a Certified Fitness Professional, wellness advocate and ambassador for the Women’s Sports Foundation, I continue to be committed to work that encourages youth and adults to maintain healthy and active lifestyles. Dreams of Olympic Gold, an invitation to join Black Ice Concept and a fortuitous horoscope aligned perfectly for me recently: “Concentrate on being unique and expanding your expertise. A change of plans will allow you to do something you’ve always dreamed. Stay the course.” I am grateful to my family and my team for their enduring support — the best experiences are those that are shared!

How do you train? What does the race look like?

Dry land training in the Spring and Summer, Ice track training in the Fall and Winter. Explosive speed and Olympic Weightlifting training throughout the year. Watch this great Time Magazine piece about Noelle and her preparation for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.

What about golf? Do you still play and compete?

Yes! Great question. The beauty of this opportunity is that my strength, conditioning, speed and mental training will only further enhance my competitive golf game when the season breaks in late March/early April. I continue to dialogue with my golf coaches and play as frequently as possible. I am again a dual sport athlete and very excited about the 2012 season –whether arid or frozen! I’m also excited to be a Teaching Professional at Chelsea Piers, the world renown sports and entertainment facility in New York City.

How can we follow along and keep informed of your progress?

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Have you seen the movie Cool Runnings [1993]?

Yes, yes I have. Thanks for asking, again. Have you?

How can we support your cause?

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