When not competing, Andia serves as a seasonal Golf Teaching Professional  and Trainer at Chelsea Piers, the world renown athletic and entertainment facility in New York City, New York.  An elite Certified Fitness Professional and wellness advocate, Andia believes that “the best experiences are those that are shared.”

Via her fitness company, The Fit Cycle, she conducts clinics and speaks around the country promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity for youth and adults. She is known for her creation of innovative training programs and fitness videos that encourage proper consumption, injury prevention and total athletic development. Her work has been made further popular by features in USA Today, Shape Magazine, Heart & Soul Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Weight Watchers, on, and on which, with more than 40 million hits per month is the “top news source in social and digital media, technology and web culture.”

Train virtually or in person with Andia. Email for availability, rates, consultation(s) and more information.



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  1. I am inspired!!


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