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Fashion Rocks

When not walking the fairways, you can find me walking the runway. Tomorrow a show –the first of its kind in the Valley of the Sun– Phoenix Fashion Week presents Fashion Rocks MIM to be held at the world renown Musical Instrument Museum. A true cultural  fusion that is not to miss! Here my stylist, Jill Laine, discusses our show. Enjoy!


My Kingdom, Dorkdom.

This just in, I have NEVER been more proud to be a dork. Please embrace what is rightfully yours. Celebrate it. Live it. Love it. I thank those dorks around me who prove be consistent sources of inspiration, you know who you are. We are not unstylish, unattractive and socially inept. WE are setting the standard(s). Teach your children “the way.” Enter #Dorkdom.

Mike Lorenzen You are a charter member. His first book will be published soon! #Dorkdom.

Eshe Pickett All things digital, whimsical and foodical. 
Christopher Ortiz You make me want to clear the clutter and take over the world, with kindness.
Monique Walton Determined, gifted and real. Always.
Anthony McDonald Kind and contemplative; a true lover of Kickball. You are a Pro in my eyes.
Rashayla Marie Brown Making changes and taking names. Paint the sky, sister. 
William Cordova I need a pair of black jeans and a black sweater to match.
Tajji Sharp Fast friends for life. #BeastStatus
Noah Chesnin You are the rock. Highest regard since age 10. I’ll always have your back, that’s real.
Keely Robinson I am so proud; can’t tell you enough. You are my sister. 
Terelle Hairston You make my brain laugh, and then think. 
Emily Neubauer Reaching for the stars and seeing them too. Thanks for keeping me grounded while looking upward. 
Kasmin Boswell-Delgado I would have chosen you if fate hadn’t chosen first.
Waraire Boswell One word.
Ashley Nicole Growing into #Dorkdom and understanding its power. A squared forever.
Ra-Viel Winslow First suave dork I knew was my blood brother.
Gary Augustine Warren For making a life change to make more life.
Britton Winslow For beoming a man and a soldier before my eyes.

Aneita Gage My favorite example of proud and distinguished womanhood.

Buchman King of Fish, fishing king. Calm down.
Derek Ng The only man that I allow to pronounce my name with the Canadian “A.” 
Jimin Kang an enduring spirit without fail. A light that shines endlessly. 
David Oliver For getting the job done while being a victim of cool. You are the First Dork of MCO.
Lauren Michelle Booker Never made #Dorkdom look better. So lovely.
Dale Park Brilliant man. A thin liner, actually.
Detect Oneal He who towers mentally, if not secretly.
Tanya Marchiol A real boss lady. But she never really knew that I knew that she was part of my clan. #Dorkdom
LaShonda King-Knowles Wife, Athlete, Coach, Friend. 
Myron Rolle Celebrating intellect and atletics simultaneously.

The real, reel.

Mashable! Enter the future.

Wow, this is epic! Today my fitness company,  Adub365 Fit, was featured on Mashable! Yes, we have arrived. For those who don’t know, with more than 40 million hits per month Mashable is THE TOP news source in social and digital media, technology and web culture. And that’s how it’s done! Check it out: