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Weight for it….

The initial weigh-in

2.27.12 Olympic Training Center | Lake Placid Sliding Complex

Yes, I’m fit. Toned. In-shape. I’m strong for my build. But I’m a natural ectomorph. What does this mean? I have a slight frame, long and thin limbs, delicate joints and a very, very fast metabolism. Why is this a concern? The coaches at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) wanted me to gain a significant amount of weight in order to be stronger and more effective down the ice. I was told that I needed to be heavier, 20-30 lbs  heavier. That’s about 9-14 kgs for those of you of the metric persuasion. Fact: ectomorphs struggle to gain weight. Yes, now I’m certain that you understand my dilemma.

Initial Weigh-In September 8, 2011: 123 lbs / 55.9 kgs

Initial Measurements: Height 5’8” | Hips 35” | Thigh 19″

Commence operation Olympic Weight Gain. High, yet healthy, caloric intake. We’re talking soprano heights here. I feast all day. Thanks to the professional advisement of a sports physiology and strength and conditioning team, my workouts have been designed to be shorter and more intense, focusing on big muscle groups. Development of anaerobic systems necessitates that running is always at lengths shorter than 30m, and always at a sprint. Oh, and I eat –a lot. I may have mentioned that already, but it bears repeating. It is my constant. The quantitative increase, to date: 5.5 months, 13 lbs, 2.5″ around my hips (read: I have a new butt) and 1″ around each thigh.

Latest Weigh-In February 20, 2012: 136 lbs / 61.8 kgs

Latest Measurements: Height 5’8” | Hips 37.5” | Thigh 20″

Beyond never having been heavier in my life, what about the qualitative change? Family and friends who haven’t seen me in months take double takes. Make that triple takes. My legs feel very heavy. Early on in my body composition change I was a bit clumsy, on a couple of occasions falling seemingly without cause while jogging. I have noticeable, make that distinct,  traps. My pants don’t fit.  OK, not only do my pants not fit –they split. I have already ruined two of my favorite pairs of jeans. But that is to be celebrated apparently. In fact, at the OTC, we had a “coming out” party of sorts for my new butt! Or as cyclist and author Kathryn Bertine would call it, my “wattage cottage.”

Hold on, hold on! The above are just statements of fact. I’m not complaining nor am I upset. I have never been stronger and I love my new addition! Here’s to cafeterias that open early and close late, roommates that provide clothing opinion, back squats, front squats, split squats and good speakers in the weight room. Here’s to my  body for changing on command. We’re in this together.

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia