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It takes a team. 42.

Jackie Robinson Foundation
Alumni Spotlight:

Shaq’s advice to ADUB.

SO and AW, fast friends.
It takes a team, right? And sometimes, star players drop in with words of advice! As I reflect on my growing businesses, I recall Shaquille O’Neal telling me to stay the course (pun intended) and resist the urge to become a gimmick for the sake of monetization. I’ve stayed true to my interests and they are flourishing as a result –something both he and I can be proud of! Please check out my latest radio interview with Eric Dye on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network.
Hear the interview:


Photo Credit: Mikel Florman Photography
A recent and colorful photoshoot to update my portfolio.
Photo Credit: John Glenn Photography


Los Angeles – July 11-13, 2011
OK. So I didn’t win an on-stage category ESPY this year –but in due time. I did, however, lead my ESPYs Celebrity Golf Classic team to an enormous victory over the entire two course capacity field. I was proud to play my part as a hostess for the incredible V Foundation for Cancer Research.
Victorious Team Dirty 1/2 Dozen: Walton, Mark, Beadles, Winslow, Tebow, Tuberville

Our winning hardware – our GOLF ESPY.

The show itself was entertaining with Seth Meyers at the helm, but more notable were the stories of perserverance and courage displayed by Anthony Robles (Jimmy V Award) and Dewey Bozella (Arthur Ashe Award). Watch their stories:
Perhaps the best part of my whirlwind trip to Los Angeles was catching up with family members and friends who were also on hand for the festivities. Special shout out to Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Kasmin Boswell, Ed Downs, Willis McGahee, Dhani Jones, Hannah Storm, Lee Elder, Chantre and the entire ESPN team!
My cousin, Waraire Boswell, a designer who outfitted many of the best dressed gentlemen on the red carpet.
My wonderful uncle, Kellen Winslow, NFL Hall of Fame Tight End.
My friend and #BeastStatus fitness partner Tajji Sharp.
No phones or mobile devices were allowed during the live ESPYs show, but that didn’t slow the #ADUB365 FIT social media efforts to win a “TwESPY” for this infamous planking photo:
Little ship (125lbs) lifts big ship (240lbs)
Take that Dirk. Take that Jimmy Johnson. Take that Dwight Howard. They never told us who won –I guess I’ll just claim the victory for the coolest image of a pro athlete doing, well, anything.
Until next year.. duhn na na, duhn na na.

Top 40

I was recently selected as one of 40 top emerging models in Arizona. Quite an honor that I share with some very beautiful and talented people. From Fairways to Runways, and back!
“And speaking of stunning, this is Andia Winslow. Model and professional golfer. She was a Phoenix Fashion Week model last year too !”

Opening Statement.
Top 40 Emerging Arizona Models
Thank you to the entire Phoenix Fashion Week Team!