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It’s been a great year in #Dorkdom: Malcom Gladwell, Mashable and now Steve Garfield! My interview with the “father” of the Internet vlog . Great fun!

While you’re at it, check out my feature on his PopCulture and Technology blog Off On a Tangent!


Week in Image.

It would be far too difficult for me to recount the busy week that just passed. Instead, I hope to share select moments – if only in photos.

My time with the original Modern Family.

Model for FOX “Girl’s Club” segment.

Preparing for an Earth Day Fashion Show.
Found a new friend for the garden, meet Joaquin.

SWEAT Magazine Photo Shoot – Swimsuit Issue
Rest in Peace Justin Hooke. A remarkable young man and leader.

Photo Board test shoot.
An example of what not to do on an Arizona golf course.

Making them sweat! ADUB365 Fit Conditioning Camp at Gangplank.
Two things that I love, social media and fitness. Yes!


Today is Jackie Robinson Day in Major League Baseball ball parks around the nation. Celebrate the man, celebrate the legacy. His foundation supports the higher educational efforts of students across the country. I am proud to have been a scholar benefiting from his gifts. Learn more by visiting The Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Tag Team: Part 1

Yesterday was incredible. I had the privilege of exploring Phoenix, Arizona with three very talented artists:

Tanya Cohn – Photographer, Cohn Studios
Jai Anderson – Wardrobe Stylist, Jai Anderson Fashion Showroom
Olunife Adeyemi – Make-Up Expert / Esthetician, BeautyGold

Our first shoot was at daybreak on Camelback Mountain, high above the city. The 25 minute hike to location was well worth the effort.

Camelback Morning
Photo Credit: Tanya Cohn

Next, we visited two historic resort landmarks and we finished our day in el barrio – the heart of the city. Seven looks and eleven hours later, it was a wrap! Although I can’t yet release our collective work(s), I must say that the results will be amazing! It is always a privilege and indeed an honor to collaborate with true professionals and visionaries. I couldn’t be more proud. Please stay tuned.

Chicago Tribune

How do YOU energize during a long work day? May I suggest a tasty and healthful snack? Read this Chicago Tribune article to see my advice. “And that’s how it’s done,” Adub365 Fit style!

Sportswoman Spotlight

Hey now! Featured Sportswoman on, a website that celebrates “Fashion. Beauty. Shopping. Trends and More….”

Pink Purse International Radio

Today I had the great pleasure to speak with Fey Ugokew, Esq., Founder and Host of Pink Purse International.  A multimedia platform and social resource, PPI serves and celebrates the “Contemporary Interests of Extraordinary Women.” Our radio interview can be heard, in its entirety, by visiting:


Thursday was a very busy –but increasingly typical– day for me. I marshalled my forces on all fronts to get the job(s) done. Gym. Course. Runway. Such is the #DayInALife. Check the album!

Course: Hit it and go get it.

Gym: Close Grip Chin Ups

Evening show at the world renown Musical Instrument Museum. Everyone asked how I got so bronzed – it was the mid-afternoon at the course!

I loved this look! Only an athlete would notice that the bottoms fit like compression running shorts!

Gym: Standing Box Jumps – 43″