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Get Me Bodied

11.10.11 Olympic Training Center | Lake Placid Sliding Complex

Bruised, he survived the ride.

I experienced my first big hit on Tuesday evening, 11.8.11, my 7th day on the ice.

I haven’t felt a blow like that since 2007 when I was undercut while playing a “friendly” pick-up game with a couple of buddies who play in the league. League, read NFL. More than my face and shoulder, my pride was wounded. Not because I hit a wall at 60mph but because my yell upon impact was so loud that track workers and Medic Melissa heard me above the sound of the sled racing down the track.

Though I was able to remain on my sled, it was a character building hit. Thankfully, there are no outwardly visible signs of trauma. Some of the sliders that I’ve been training with haven’t been so lucky. This may seem odd, but as I was compiling evidence, Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” album was playing on repeat in my mind. Mission 8 – We can skip the small talk, let’s get right to the chase! A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody!

For your pleasure, the Get Me Bodied gallery compliments of Mt. Van Hoevenberg and the Lake Placid Olympic Sliding Complex:

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Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

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What’s in the bag? Week 1

11.6.11 Olympic Training Center | Lake Placid Sliding Complex

It’s been a very rewarding week for me here in Lake Placid, New York! I’ve excelled as much as I’ve been humbled. I’m reminded that, “if it were easy, everyone would do it.” I awake daily with the understanding that my central goal is to better myself, to become stronger, faster, more agile –both physically and mentally. Week 2 begins, naturally, where my first week left off. I am armed now, though, with knowledge of the track at  Mt. Van Hoevenberg and with a healthy respect for its design.

What does the track look like?

I’ve been bombarded with various questions about my experiences thus far and in an effort to respond quickly I will entertain those most frequently asked:

What’s been the best part?

Learning. Learning a new sport. Learning about my body. Learning about the experience of Olympic preparation. Learning about the community of athletes and coaches who live within the walls of the OTC (Olympic Training Center).

What’s been the hardest part?

Learning. Learning to be patient. Learning to be malleable. Learning to be forceful and strong while simultaneously soft and perceptive. Learning that my commitment to Skeleton will be questioned because I have so many varied interests that extend beyond it. Learning that there is no “direct” path.

What do you do when not training?

Much of what I do at home: read, surf the web, make phone calls, attend to business matters. Yesterday, on my rest and recovery day, I explored Lake Placid with friends. To our amazement, we found the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop. No lie.

What is the OTC like?

This is best explained by comparison. Visualize, if you will, a college dorm or residential college with an attached cafeteria, common lounges, weight room, gymnasium, sports medicine center and computer lab. Now visualize the human element in those spaces.

So what is the difference between Bobsleigh and Skeleton anyway?

Let’s take a look at the Push Track [dry] training methods:                         

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

Plank You Very Much!

I was surprised by a special delivery to the Training Center today! Thank you to Heart & Soul Magazine for the 4 page November Body Clinic feature of my plank fitness routine Plank You Very Much! Stay tuned to ADUB365 FIT for more fitness videos and fun! And that’s how it’s done! I’m on TWITTER!

PS Thank you to amazing Photographer and Make-Up Artist Christina Caldwell for her work on this shoot. She is an amazing, consummate and creative professional! Gangplank is one of my favorite places in Phoenix and made this shoot possible. Collaboration at its finest #whyGP! Thank you too: Hair Stylist Merlynn Pierre, Brand Consultant Anthony McDonald and title inspiration L. Marie Johnson

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Day 1, Halloween at the Olympic Training Center

10.31.11 Olympic Training Center | Lake Placid Sliding Complex

This must be what love feels like!  I wish that I could poignantly describe the experience of my first slide on the ice, but alas. What I can tell you is that –if Day 1 is any indication– the thrill of racing head first is one that doesn’t compare to anything in my mental record.

So what was Day 1 like?

Well, it began as most others do. I awoke at 6:30am, which is truly a little later than usual, and then:

7:30-8:30 am  Cardio + Stretch

8:30-9:00 Feast

9:30 Team Meeting

10:30 Personal Time. I’m currently reading Child 44 per recommendation from my good friend Ortizzle.

12:00-1:00 Lift + Abs

1:00-1:30 Feast

1:30-2:30 Nap. My 2nd favorite activity after feasting. I mean, both I like to nap after I feast and I also like napping second best to feasting. Just thought to offer some clarification there.

3:00-4:00 Track Walk and Sled Fittings

4:00-7:00 Slide

7:30-8:00 Feast

8:00-10:00 Chill in the OTC Common Areas w/ other athletes

10:30-11:00pm  Stretch + Foam Roll + Study Track Map

Until tomorrow, I was never in the box! –Andia

First Day Crew w/ USBSF Coach Don Hass