Walmart Weekend of Giving

GPMAD to Partner with Walmart and Children’s Miracle Network for 2012 Weekend of Giving: Non-profit organization’s inaugural event comes at the height of Summer and reorganization

NEW YORK, NY (June 25, 2012) – Today Golf Professionals Making a Difference (GPMAD) announced that it will partner with Walmart, Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), Divisions Maintenance Group and Xempt Players Series for the Weekend of Giving held July 7-9th in the Greater Detroit, Michigan area. The weekend –which features plenary sessions for corporate and community based attendees, a Women in Leadership summit and Pro-Am Celebrity Golf Tournament– marks GPMAD’s inaugural effort since reorganizing in January.

Summer is an incredible time for organizational growth, branding and community impact as school children enjoy break, families come together for festivities and golf season is in full swing. By design, the partnership recognizes major national engagement efforts to address employment, diversity, health and wellness, education and community development. Although select Weekend of Giving events are invite- only, two are open for public registration:

Xempt Players Series / CMN Celebrity Golf Pro-Am | Monday, July 9, Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament | Two Divisions: Amateur and Professional Purse 1 Day, 36 Hole Event For more info, and to register, visit:

Walmart Women in Leadership Series, Diversity and Inclusion | Sunday, July 8, 2012 4:00pm Guest Speaker: Andia Winslow | Complimentary Admission | Benefitting Children’s Miracle Network RSVP:

Executive Director Andia Winslow calls the weekend “an amazing opportunity to introduce the Detroit community, and the entire nation, to the mission of Golf Professionals Making a Difference.” Winslow recently took the helm in addition to careers as a Professional Golfer and Certified Fitness and Wellness Professional. “I’m excited to help bridge the worlds of philanthropy and sport using the game and business of golf as a vehicle for sustainable community change. What a way to say ‘Hello” to the world with the help of Walmart, the largest retailer in the world!”


About Golf Professionals Making a Difference                                                  Founded in 2002, GPMAD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to constructively impacting lives by creating educational, economic, mentorship, health, wellness and self-improvement opportunities through business and the game of golf. To learn more, visit:

For press inquiries and event information, please contact:
Publicity, Golf Professionals Making a Difference                     | 614. 468.3467



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