Considering home

1.07.12 Olympic Training Center | Lake Placid Sliding Complex

2011. What a year! Perhaps my best as an adult. I mean to say that that which just passed was the most balanced 365 consecutive day collection of experiences in my personal record. Triumphs and trials, yes. But authentic and unexpected and invigorating and synergic and exploratory. I found home.

It’s unlimited by time and space. It’s internal and evolved. It’s fluid and in motion. It’s demanding and rewarding. It is, quite simply, amazing.

I’ve lived and called these places ‘home’:

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But it is in the experiences that I’ve shared, the support that I’ve been gifted, the people that I’ve met, the friendships that I’ve developed and my family whom I love that I know to be my true home. Omnipresent and eternal.

I am thankful to all those who read this and all those who know, home.

Special thanks to those who have helped me to welcome 2012 and new adventure: The Winslow Family, The Naftel Family, Black Ice Concept, Agility GuardDr. Jill DeBiasi, Kris Bugg and Chris OrtizJoin The Team!

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” --Cicero

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia



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