We must protect this mouth! AgilityGuard

12.15.11 Olympic Training Center | Lake Placid Sliding Complex

We must protect this mouth!

(UA chant voice here; replace house with mouth of course)

This is mine:

Straight bright whites, I know. As do my parents. They paid a lot of money to straighten and beautify this mouth of mine. That is why I dedicate this blog post to the wonderful and knowledgeable team at AgilityGuard. Thank you Doc Joe and Kris for your support! Controlled environment or not, racing headfirst down an ice track at  80 mph is still racing headfirst down an ice track at 80 mph. Agreed?

Now, this is not simply about blunt force trauma and concussion protection. What makes AgilityGuard custom mouth guard technology –upper and lower– so unique is that the guards protect teeth while simultaneously enhancing performance, neurologically. Translation: Speed, Balance, Agility, Power. How is that possible? I’ll let the experts explain:

I’m in Lake Placid now under snow cover and have used my upper custom guard on the ice and lower custom in the weight room and indoor track. On Holiday in Florida and Arizona, I’ll be playing golf with my lower guard in place. You might know this guy who does the same:

I should mention that before using AgilityGuard, I did use another mouth guard. There were a few problems. Even with the self-boil fit system, it did not fit. I felt as though I was going to choke, I couldn’t breathe, it was ugly, and upon removal I got slobber on any and everyone within five feet. Fast forward with my new and sleek looking guards.

I’ve already noticed that I’m much more forceful and quick when Olympic Lifting and all the more flexible. Flexibility is a major concern for me as I’m undergoing an extreme body composition transformation. I’ve already put on  10lbs but I’m glad to report that I’m still as -if not more- flexible with my lower guard secured.

Wait, one more thing. I must give a shout out to my fabulous New York City Dentist. I love seeing talented, intelligent and professional women in charge. So here’s to Dr. Jill DeBiasi and her entire DT Smile Design practice for making my fitting possible. Visit her on the web and when you make an appointment, tell her that I sent you!

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia


2 responses to “We must protect this mouth! AgilityGuard

  1. Andia….. Thanks for the great post. So glad your loving your Agility Guards! Come say hi when you’re in NY


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