Get Me Bodied

11.10.11 Olympic Training Center | Lake Placid Sliding Complex

Bruised, he survived the ride.

I experienced my first big hit on Tuesday evening, 11.8.11, my 7th day on the ice.

I haven’t felt a blow like that since 2007 when I was undercut while playing a “friendly” pick-up game with a couple of buddies who play in the league. League, read NFL. More than my face and shoulder, my pride was wounded. Not because I hit a wall at 60mph but because my yell upon impact was so loud that track workers and Medic Melissa heard me above the sound of the sled racing down the track.

Though I was able to remain on my sled, it was a character building hit. Thankfully, there are no outwardly visible signs of trauma. Some of the sliders that I’ve been training with haven’t been so lucky. This may seem odd, but as I was compiling evidence, Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied” album was playing on repeat in my mind. Mission 8 – We can skip the small talk, let’s get right to the chase! A little sweat ain’t never hurt nobody!

For your pleasure, the Get Me Bodied gallery compliments of Mt. Van Hoevenberg and the Lake Placid Olympic Sliding Complex:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time, I was never in the box! –Andia

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2 responses to “Get Me Bodied

  1. Not sure your momma should read this blog!!


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