FQD 1.22.2011 [7 x wk Cardio]

Fitness Question of the Day 1.22.2011

In reference to cardio. I weight train 3-4 times a week and do cardio 7 days a week. Is that cardio too much? I was doing it that way until I reach my weight goal. Peggy Florence, NJ

I must be cautious offering advice when I don’t know the particulars of your routine and its intensity. I will offer this question though: “when do you rest?” In my experience, “rest and recovery” is an integral part of the fitness equation. Depending on the types of cardio in which you engage, it may be fine to follow the 7-day plan. And, it may not. Our bodies were built to be in motion, however, if your workouts are too intense for too long (both in duration and periodization) you may hinder fitness progress and instead create injury opportunities. REST is my friend – rest is your friend too!

One last note, ALWAYS listen to your body first and don’t be wary of experimentation. Ultimately, you are your own trainer as you know your body most intimately. What is it telling you? How does it feel? And, are you doing too much? These answers should dictate much of your workout scheduling. And that’s how it’s done!™ Learn more about the ADUB365 Fit System and be sure to watch our Fitness Videos

Andia in Motion.



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