FQD 11.28.2010 [Ice Box + Epsom]

Fitness Question of the Day [11.28.2010]

How do you alleviate muscle soreness after a workout? Anthony M., Phoenix, AZ

Generally there are two major phases of soreness after intense and enduring workouts. The first is know as “acute” soreness and is most often due to the accumulation of lactic acid, an energy metabolism waste product contained within muscle fiber. This is that combination of discomfort and fatigue that you feel towards the end and directly after your routine. Second is that enduring –Delayed Onset [DOMS]– muscle soreness or that which you feel a couple days later. The methods of relief and waste product flushing that have worked best for me are as follows:
Ice Bath/Tub: Directly after workout
Epsom Salt Bath: Has cathartic properties that release tension and eliminate underlying chemical complexes.
Active Massage/Stretch

Rest and Recovery

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