FQD 11.27.2010 [A Cold Wind Bloweth]

Fitness Question of the Day [11.27.2010]

I like your Thanksgiving post but you know I don’t like the cold! Yes I live in a cold place and no that can’t be helped. What can I do for your cardio recommendation that doesn’t involve the elements? Dawn Diva, Harrisburg, PA

There are so many options Dawn! But let me first say this: If you work up a sweat doing your steady state cardio properly -in the elements- you won’t feel cold at all. In fact, the air will feel crisp and refreshing on your skin. One word of caution though, dress appropriately and although you may feel your core temperature rising, don’t be tempted to remove too many layers of outerwear or you might just catch cold. Alternatives to outdoor cardio are varied at local gyms: pool, treadmill, stationary cycle, jump rope, stairclimber, elliptical, rowing machines etc. Just make certain that your level of intensity is adequate on the machine that you select. And that’s how it’s done!™ Learn more about the ADUB365 Fit System and be sure to watch our Fitness Videos.


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