FQD 11.1.2010 [My Teams]

Fitness Question of the Day [11/1/2010]

Are you into any other sports? Who’s your teams? Ms. Duffy, Scottsdale, AZ

I love sports. I love watching – even better, I love playing! My teams? Well, I have always been more a fan of individual players and their efforts than entire teams. I’m a fan of good and competitive games. I’m also a fan of athletes who attend to their impact off of the field, court, track, rink, course, etc. The team that I follow most closely is NFL’s Tampa Bay Bucs, specifically Kellen Winslow, Jr. (82) – Tight End. 

The Winslows: ADUB, The Original, K2

My number 1: Kellen Winslow, Sr. (80) – Chargers, HOF Tight End
My number 2: Bill Russell (6) – Celtics, HOF Center

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