FQD 10.29.2010 [Golf Warm-Up]

Fitness Question of the Day [10/29/2010] 

What is the best stretch you can do before you start hitting balls at the range? Grete Eliassen of http://www.saymynameski.com

Power and stability come from one’s foundation, no? Just as in skiing, legs are the driving force(s). I always make certain to attend to my legs -especially hamstrings- and center of mass: Glutes and Hip Flexors. Deep stationary lunges, “Runners” Lunges and Hamstring stretches are my favorites. Of course upper body flexibility is also important, but far too often I see golfers on the range exclusively warming up their arms. The most common injury and discomfort for golfers occurs in the lower back. This pain is often the result of weak and inflexible lower body. Always think total body and functional movements when playing or preparing to play golfAnd that’s how it’s done!™ – ADUB©

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