FQD 10.28.2010 [Too Much Cardio?]

Fitness Question of the Day [10/28/2010] 

How often should you exercise your abs, and is Cardio 45min 5-6 day/wk with weight training too much? Carmen Harris of Houston, TX

Let’s try this. Make certain to alternate your resistance training focus. For example, a 5-day workout rotation: Monday, Upper. Wednesday, Lower. Friday, Multi-joint [ MJ = Total Body with more emphasis on functional, stretching and body weight movements]. There is nothing wrong with doing 45 minutes of steady-state cardio each of those five days just as there is nothing wrong with doing core work each of the days. It is inaccurate to believe that you can’t do lower body weight training and cardio on the same day. How would elite athletes account for their success(es) if they couldn’t train cardio and resistance simultaneously or on the same day. If you prefer, break up your sessions – morning and evening. This is assuming that you are simply doing steady-state cardio and not high intensity interval training everyday, for example.

The most important part of our model five day rotation, though, is the “rest and recovery” segment. You will notice that days 6 and 7, wherever arranged, are “free days.” This is not a mere suggestion. In order to become “progressively more aggressive” with your workout regimen and fitness goals, you must build in rest as it is integral to growth. One last note, ALWAYS listen to your body first and don’t be wary of experimentation. Ultimately, you are your own trainer as you know your body most intimately. What is it telling you? How does it feel? And, are you doing too much? These answers should dictate much of your workout scheduling. And that’s how it’s done!™ – ADUB©   

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