FQD 10.18.2010 [Lean Mean]

Fitness Question of the Day [10/18/2010] 

You look very lean in the videos and I was wondering what your diet is like and how you keep off the body fat.Piper of Casa Grande, AZ 

My leanness is a combination of several factors and I must first say that it is not necessarily a body type/shape to aspire to. My body type is unique to me genetically, dietarily, and based on the physicality of my typical day as a professional athlete. I strongly caution against making comparisons to others’ bodies when trying to judge the health or appearance of one’s own. One must consider genetic, environmental and conditioning factors! That being said, I am a natural ectomorph (lean, delicately built body) and also a vegetarian who does a lot of cardio training. And that’s how it’s done!™ – ADUB©



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