FQD 10.17.2010 [Lower Back]

Fitness Question of the Day [10/17/2010] 

Can you show some good lower back exercises that don’t require gym equipment? I definitely appreciate seeing the proper form. Aaron Droller, Washington, D.C.

Remember: one’s core includes both abdominals AND lower back. Core routines need not involve equipment to be highly effective. [In fact, no exercise need involve equipment to be highly effective]. I have displayed lower back exercises in “Abdominal Potpourri” and “ABSolutely.” If I were to choose one tool though, that assists with my alignment and lower back focused work, it would be the Swiss Ball. Found online, at any sporting goods store and most “big box” stores (read: Walmart, Target, Costco, etc.) the Swiss Ball –when used properly– requires extreme stability and engages the entire musculature, especially the core. The core, as we know, includes the lower back. 

The fun part about the FQD is that sometimes a question will inspire me to make a video response. Thank you Aaron! Your “Lower Back – Swiss Ball” video will be uploaded within the next couple of days. And that’s how it’s done!™ – ADUB©



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