FQD 10.16.2010 [Best Exercise, Ever]

What is the one exercise that gets you the greatest results? Shelly of Phoenix, AZ (who also happens to be a member of my local gym!) 

This is an easy question for me! BOX JUMPS. Hands down. Seemingly just a power leg move, Box Jump(s) is actually a dynamic total body exercise. It is considered compound or multi-joint because it involves two or more muscle groups simultaneously and it is also a plyometric exercise as it involves explosive and repeated contraction of muscles. I have had workouts that are entirely Box Jump focused. Development: Stretching, Stamina, Balance, Agility, Vertical Jump, Speed, Power. When I think Box Jump, I think Central Nervous System development (CNS). One begins with a deep squat and follows with an explosive propulsion of the arms to assist in the vertical jump. Imagine a sprinter shooting out of the blocks vertically! I have reached the height of 44” for a static or standing Box Jump (meaning no “run-up”) but highly recommend that folks progress slowly. Start with a bench or something at knee-level and build from there. And that’s how it’s done!™ – ADUB©

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